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Viral Marketing, Social Media, Experiential, and Edgy Content Creation 

A Brief Viral History

A few of Brief's Greatest Viral Hits - From Eric Idle to Porno Airbags to Mini Cooper Records to Jumping Trucks to Austin Skydives.  And more...

A Brief History of Brief Event Videos

A quick montage of very cool, highly-effective conference and launch videos for Oracle, VERITAS, SFDC, EMC, Dell and more...


Get Noticed! Get Brief.

For 30 years, Greg Gotts and the Brief Attention Span team have helped major global brands (and startups!) stand out from the crowd and achieve breakthrough success. Brief uses attention-demanding viral videos, integrated social media campaigns, and immersive event experiences to help you create multiple "coolness factors." So you stand out, and succeed, in a crowded marketplace. 

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 If you're finally ready to take some creative risks with your brand, with the potential for huge rewards, there are multiple viral media avenues available to you.  Let's explore your options together in one of our "Brainstorming Is Free Guarantee" initial consultation sessions. You don't buy anything until together we uncover that killer idea - the one that launches your brand into "coolness."

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