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Are you ready to expand your "brand consciousness?"  Greg Gotts and the veteran Brief team will help you to create multiple "coolness factors" that will get you noticed in a crowded marketplace - and build your business.

How It Happens

Arm Yourself With Entertainment Value


Your customers aren't just IT consumers. They're also savvy consumers of Hollywood, Music, Media, Gaming, and every other entertainment available to humans.  You're competing with all of that, so you'd better make an effort to couch your key selling points in entertaining storytelling.

For Example

Take The Viral Leap!


If you're finally ready to take a few creative risks, to actually go for it, there are a number of viral media options available to you.  Let's explore your options together in one of our initial "Brainstorming Is Free. Guaranteed" sessions. You don't buy anything until together we uncover the killer idea - the one that catapults your brand.

A Killer Idea